Cannaregio, 73-74, Venecia, Italia Ver ubicación
Cannaregio, 73-74, Venecia, Italia
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The Hotel Dolomiti, a comfortable two-star hotel, that has been under the management of the Basaldella family for more than 70 years.It is located in the historic city centre of Venice in a quiet Calle (street) of the District of Cannaregio (a particularly interesting area from the point of view of its history and culture and with a wealth of craft workshops and shopping lanes).The Hotel has 32 nice, clean rooms, most of them with private bathroom, some with air conditioning, all with private telephone. There are also simple rooms only with wash-basin, facilities on the floor.Breakfast is served in a comfortable Breakfast-room at the ground floor.A trained and friendly staff, together with Mrs. Basaldella, try to assist in making your stay in Venice as enjoyable as possible.

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